Essential Oils For Neck Pain, Migraine and Headaches Relief

6 Best Essential oils for Neck Pain –  Research have Shown Essentials Oils can Offer More Effective headache, migraine and neck pain Relief Than the Drugs prescribe by your doctor.

Most of the population uses painkillers to treat headaches & neck pains, but forget about the benefits of essential oils. Where pain killers reduce the pain for a short time periods, essential oil fixes the pain from the root level. Other than that, painkillers also have side effects that can be dangerous in a long run.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are obtained by distillation of different plants/trees. Steam distillation (steam distillation essential oils) or water distillation can be used to isolate oils from the trees.

Common Types of Headaches & Essential oils

A pain or ache in head region of the human body. There can be many causes of headaches, similarly there are different types of headaches, and before treating them it is important to identify its kind and accordingly treating it with the essential oils for headaches.

· Migraine headaches

They can be moderate to severe lasting from 2 to 72 hours. Most common symptoms of migraine headaches include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, smell, or sound. Causes of headaches can be stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, and sleep deprivation.

Essential oils

Lavender or peppermint essentials oil massage can be helpful to relive migraine headache. It reduces anxiety, stress, and act as soothing agent.

· Stress/Tension headaches

They are the most common type of headaches and mostly found in adults. They cause constant pain which can be mild, moderate, or intense.


Constant pain in the back of head and across forehead.


  • Tiredness
  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Bright sunlight
  • Noise
  • Dehydration


Essential oils

Use of eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil and olive essential oil on the fore head area and waist can reduce tension. Eucalyptus oil helps in reducing blood pressure and stress.


Sinus headaches

These are the uncommon type of headache. Pain is felt in the upper face.


          The deep and constant pain in cheek bones, in the nose or in the forehead.


  • Allergic reaction
  • Swelling

What essential oils are good for sinus headaches?

For massage: Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil can be used together or separately. They will help in unblocking the closed passages by minimizing mucous secretion.

For consumptions:  Therapeutic grade funnel oil with some honey can be used for relieve.

Sugar headaches

Sugar headaches are also known as hypoglycaemic headaches. Sugar headaches can be moderate to severe.

Symptoms:  Dizziness, nausea, excessive sweating and fever

Causes:  Sugar Headaches are caused by low blood sugar level in the body.


Essential Oils

For Massage:  Rosemary essential oil is the best for this kind of headache. It can be used with lavender oil and coconut oil together mixed in equal parts for massage.

For Consumption: Rosemary oil is also safe to be consumed, one drop of rosemary oil in a cup of soup would be sufficient for relieve.

Common type of Neck Pains and Essential Oils

Often neck pain is not considered as a serious problem because they can be treated easily. Neck pain is result of stiffness of muscles in the neck region, still there can be other causes as well.

Most common causes:

Muscle contraction


Muscle contraction can be due to

  • Poor posture during sleep
  • Carrying too much load on neck
  • Jerking the neck during exercise
  • Working too long at a desk


Injury due to “whiplash” (sudden jerking of head), injury during sports and car     accidents can damage the cervical vertebrae resulting in severe neck pain.


Severe neck pain if not treated on time could lead to headache. Treating neck pain with essential oils would benefit a lot.


6 Best Essential oils for Neck Pain

· Olive leaf essential oil:

Olive oil is considered as a God`s best gift to the mankind by ancient Greeks. Olive oil acts as a pain killer and soothing agent. It provides necessary heat to relax the neck muscles. It can be used directly on the affected area. Take adequate amount of olive oil and gently massage over the neck region. Olive oil is also considered as the fastest pain relieving oil.

· Sweet Marjoram essential oil

Sweet marjoram is produced from the steam distillation of the flowers. It provides the necessary warmth and soothing effect needed for relieving neck pain due to muscle strains. Further it reduces muscle spasms, increases blood circulation & promotes relaxation.

Sweet marjoram can also be applied on neck injury because it helps treating both internal and external wounds. It is also antiseptic and provides protection against infections.


· Lavender essential oil

 Lavender essential oil is also produced by seam distillation of fresh flowers. It acts as a soothing agent and provides relieve from neck pain. It reduces inflammation, muscle spasms, stress, and anxiety.

Lavender essential oil is also used for the neck pain due to injury because it heals burns and wounds. Lavender essential oil is considered the most versatile of all essential oils.

· Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil is distilled from the peppermint leaves. It was used by Egyptians and Romans in past times. It improves the range of motion and helps in relieving neck pain. It also helps in decreasing pain, reducing spasms and inflammation. It is often known as a natural pain killer and muscle relaxant.


· Basil essential oil

Basil essential oil s distilled from basil plant, which has a very pleasant fragrance. It is also known as energizing oil because of its uplifting effect. It is also a versatile oil and can be used for variety of purpose. It helps in decreasing pain, reducing inflammation and muscle spasms. It is considered best when the neck pain is due to tiredness or excessive workloads.

· Copaiba essential oil

Copaiba essential oil is also a distilled oil isolated from copaiba tree. It is famous for its anti-inflammatory characteristic. Copaiba essential oil helps in reducing pain and inflammation. It can also be used for external or internal neck injuries because it considered safe to be consumed.

· Winter Green essential oil

Winter green essential oil is steam distilled from winter green`s leaves. It is mostly used to make medicines. It reduces muscle pains, swelling, and kill germs on skin. It must be used in very small amount and is not recommended for consumption because it might cause an allergic reaction.

Aforementioned oils can be used individually or collectively (for massage). Essential oils when used in combos are more effective.

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